Focus On What You Want


Focus on What You Want!

What happens when you focus on what you want? It’s not the first time I’ve talked about why you should focus on what you want, in fact there’s a video here that explains why quite neatly. Quite simply, what happens when you focus on what you want is that you tend to get it! In the same way you get what you don’t want when you focus on that!

Today’s post was written by my partner Julian Wolfendale about the journey he made in writing his second book Damaged Goods. It’s not really about the book though, but rather about the way it illustrated a point I have often made, that focus is a key component to success. You have to focus on what you want if you are to have any chance of getting it.

Focus on what you want

In the online world, we hear a lot about how  if you focus on what you want, have clear goals and take action, these things will allow you to achieve whatever you want.

Listening to motivational speakers and discussing these things is all very well and I can talk for England, when the mood takes me, but I wanted to see if I really could walk the talk and prove to myself that it all works in real life. To see if you focus on what you want it would work!

I sat down and decided to write my second book. I knew that I could do it, as writing is one thing I have always been good at, it was just the unquantified amount of work and precise direction of my efforts that I couldn’t quite see.

I sat and planned for a week, deciding what form my writing would take and in which direction it would go and then I started to write, believing that with focus on what you want and the clear, precise goal of the end product, my unconscious mind would steer me to the finish. It did and some seven weeks later I was done.

I worked non stop, until 1 or 2 in the morning sometimes, waking up in the night to scribble thoughts on a pad by torchlight and after six weeks, 62,163 words and 491 pages, it was done.

Bearing in mind that my first book, written 5 years ago, took me more than six months to complete, this to me, is real physical proof that we can indeed achieve anything, if we put our minds to it, have belief in ourselves and take constructive, deliberate action.

In short, if you focus on what you want, you can achieve it!

The book ‘Damaged Goods’ is an auto biographical story, about adoption, music, people and choices and is available and selling well as a paperback, kindle and ebook, both from Amazon and all other booksellers.

If you’re interested in having a look, you can get the latest news and see all the pictures that go with it, including some of the famous people from the world of Rock Music that I have met, why not connect with me on Facebook

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Thanks to Julian for showing us some proof that you can get what you want when you focus on what you want!

Do you have any examples of when you’ve achieved a goal because you were mindful to focus on what you want? Please share your story in the comments below :-)

Mindset Shift – Are You Ready to Make the Mindset Shift?

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Are You Ready to Make the Mindset Shift?

You cannot change what you refuse to confront.

You can learn great things from your failures and mistakes when you aren’t busy denying them. If you feel like you’ve been asking the same questions over and over, yet are still stuck, it’s probably not that you haven’t been given the answers, but more likely that you just don’t like the answers you were given! You need a mindset shift!

It takes a lot of courage to admit that something needs to change, and a lot more courage still, to accept the responsibility for actually changing it.

The most important step forward is taking the first step. That’s where the mindset shift begins. When you make that decision.

For me, the first step always has to be figuring out what it is that you hope to achieve.

What do you want to change?

What do you want to create in your life and why?

Knowing with absolute clarity what your why is, will give you the drive you need to get started and the momentum to keep going even when it gets tough. It’s the first step in the Mindset Shift you need to make.

Remember if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got!

The simple act of getting started and doing something will give you a sense of satisfaction; keep at it and soon you’ll find yourself in a spiral of positive changes – each one building on the last. Each taking you as step closer to the Mindset Shift.

Right now, many people are looking for an alternative to a nine to five or traditional job; from being an employee.

It’s not surprising. Job security simply doesn’t exist any more and people don’t want to leave it to fate, their boss, or the government to decide what kind of life they end up with. They know that they cannot be trusted.

The new generation is divided into those who feel the world owes them a living and are happy to sit on their backsides waiting for handouts and those who are looking for more than anyone is willing to give them.

Are you ready to make the Mindset Shift?

These wayfinders are not buying into the hype that there isn’t enough of anything to go around. They know that there is more than enough of everything; food, wealth, even good health, it’s just not evenly distributed and they are making the Mindset Shift to get their share.

Rather than sit around and moan about the lack we are all told there is, they are getting up and taking charge and changing their lives and the lives of those around them. They are making the Mindset Shift.

If you are one of these fearless pioneers making the Mindset Shfit, you need some ideas on how to begin to make the changes necessary to create a better life for yourself, my new book, The Mindset Shift – From Employee to Home Business Entrepreneur, co-authored by Chris and Susan Beesley, could be just what you’ve been looking for.

the Mindset ShfitIn it we share with you not only our own stories but also lots of helpful advice on how to cultivate the mindset shift needed for success and exercises to lead you each step of the way.

Why not have a look and see what other people are saying about The Mindset Shift it if you don’t want to take our word for it?

Just go ahead and make the mindset shift!

If you are really committed to a better life, stop procrastinating and make this the day you say enough is enough and make the decision to take charge of you life and your future by making the Mindset Shift?

What is Mindset? Why is it important to have a great mindset  and what is the Mindset Shift?

What is Mindset? What is the Mindset ShiftWhat Is Mindset?

Since publishing our book, The Mindset Shift – From Employee to Home Business Entrepreneur, we have been asked several times,

What is Mindset and What is the Mindset Shift?

So I thought I’d answer these important questions in a quick video which you can find below, but I’ll include a brief response here too.

What is Mindset?

For me, the answer to the question what is mindset, is pretty straight forward.

Mindset is the frame work you have unconsciously created, which determines your reality.

What I mean by this is that the majority of your unconscious filters, which sift all the information picked up by your senses (about 2 million bits every second) have been created by you during your life. They determine what you become aware of and what you don’t and therefore what becomes part of your conscious awareness – your reality- and what doesn’t.

If you would like to really understand this process, I have written about it in the Self Help Bible Volume 3 – How to Change Reality – The Unconscious and the Communication Process.

What is Mindset? –  the Filter of reality.

These filters are made up of things like your beliefs, values, memories, language, previous experiences etc and of those 2 million bits of information picked up by your senses every second, they actually pass on about 7! Yes 7!

They are not stone cast truths, not the same for everyone and not controlled by anyone other than you! They are only true for you because you want them to be.

Does that answer the first question, “What is Mindset?”

In order to be successful in any area in life, you need to have the right mindset to support your goals and aspirations. If you haven’t, then you simply won’t have the right ingredients to create the life you want. Your mindset determines what gets through to your conscious mind, so if the right stuff isn’t getting through, what chance do you have?

It’s like trying to make a cake from tomatoes and coal! You need the right ingredients for the recipe to create the right result!

So, we know what is mindset and why it’s important but what is the mindset shift?

What is the Mindset Shift?

Aside from being the title of my new book, co-authored by Chris and Susan Beesley, the Mindset Shift is what you make, when you go from your current mindset, to one that supports your goals. Sometimes it’s an easy transition, sometimes not. But it is invariably worth the effort it takes.

Making the Mindset Shift requires a process of honest introspection, careful planning and consistent action but it’s not a journey you have to make alone. If you want someone to guide you, then get a copy of our book today.

For now, sit back and watch the video and please leave me a comment below once you have :-)

If you enjoyed the video and this post, please let me know with a comment below :-) thank you

How to Motivate Yourself


How to Motivate Yourself.

How to motivate yourselfIf you have ever wondered how to motivate yourself, you may not yet have cottoned on to this easy way to utilise great things which have happened to you in the past as motivation for the present.

You can also just as easily, capture great feelings in the present and harness them as a way how to motivate yourself in the future.

This is a really simple process, that happens by itself all the time, whether you realise it or not! If you have ever heard a piece of music that has reminded you of something or someone, or smelt something that evokes a memory, then you are already doing this!

So instead of just asking and wondering how to motivate yourself, why not try this simple trick today? Learn in under ten minutes how to motivate yourself using the power of your unconscious mind and it’s automatic responses and your wonderful emotions.

I recorded a short video about this after watching some of the inspirational videos we have in the Ten Ten Formula training here at the Empower Network. They got me thinking about some of the fantastic personal development events I have been to in the past, which lead me on to thinking about the Empower Network event taking place in Chicago next week and the great opportunity that offers for anyone wondering how to motivate yourself.

If you are going to Chicago next week, you really should be sure to make use of this free way how to motivate yourself and if you’re not going to Chicago, you should use this tool anyway! It’s free, easy and effective – it doesn’t get much better than that does it?

So, find a comfortable chair, somewhere you can listen without distraction and learn in 9 minutes 20 seconds a really easy way how to motivate yourself without the need to do anything special other than pay attention!

 I hope that you will make really use of this easy way how to motivate yourself and I’d love to know if you enjoyed the video, so please leave me a comment below!

Chris and Susan Beesley -

Home Business Entrepreneurs or Con Artists?

Chris and Susan Beesley

You may have come here because you’re looking to become a home business entrepreneur and you’re doing your homework; or because you need to know the truth about Chris and Susan Beesley; or for another equally valid reason… only you know the answer to that. One thing’s for sure, you want and deserve the truth and before I can give that to you, I need you to understand one very important thing. I don’t tell lies. I have my own reasons why, but I value my integrity above most other personal attributes and I can promise you that every word you read here will be the truth.

Now it’s only fair to tell you, that I have known and been mentored by Chris and Susan for several years now, and that’s a good thing. It means I’ve had ample opportunity to suss them out!

This weekend, I have had unprecedented access to Chris and Susan…

as I have been a guest in their home whilst we worked together tying up the book we’ve written together and I’m going to share with you here what I’ve found…

The book incidentally is called The Mindset Shift and it’ll be available very soon, so if you are looking to make the life changing and empowering step from a conventional lifestyle to becoming a home business entrepreneur, you might want to bookmark this site now! We’ve written this book for you, to help you make the mental shift that will guarantee your success if you make it and you’ll want to buy it for sure.

So back to this weekend and my experience chez Chris and Susan…

They’ve always told their students that hard work is part of the deal if you want to be a successful home business entrepreneur – and they weren’t joking! They didn’t stop from the time I arrived on Friday morning, until I left on Saturday afternoon!

Chris and Susan

Try as I might, I couldn’t find a single push button, make-money-while-you-sleep type programme. I didn’t find any evidence of trickery or internet illusion. Just lots of planning, preparation, effort and output and immense passion and team-work.

Now the thing that struck me, more than anything, is something I’ve suspected all along.

You know when you get that feeling about someone…

The one that nags away at the back of your mind…

That tells you someone isn’t being quite honest…

We’ve all had that feeling at some time and I’m sure lots of people, maybe even you, have thought it about Chris and Susan.

Well I can confirm that Chris and Susan are not all they appear to be.

But, I’m sorry to disappoint you if you’ve come looking for dirt, because I couldn’t find any.


because they are even more than they let on!

I’m not going to betray any secrets about the things they do that they don’t brag about, because that’s their business to share as they see fit and not mine.

But I can tell you they have a genuine desire to help people to succeed – To help people go beyond the limits of their own beliefs and to create the life of their dreams and they are genuinely invested in the success of their team members. I’ve looked around their walls and seen the lists, the reminders and prompts, all designed to make sure that each and every one of their team gets the exact thing they need when they need it. I’ve listened to the conversations while they debate the best way to get their next message right and create the best video. I’ve seen the smile on their faces and the genuine delight when one of their team emails or calls to let them know that they’ve achieved some success by following their advice.

If you want scandal about Chris and Susan

sorry, but I can’t give you any! apart from the fact that they both love creme eggs! that’s the best I could manage!

If you want to know if they’re the real deal, then absolutely.

I can honestly say, Chris and Susan may be building a wonderful future for themselves, but it will be at the expense of no-one else and to the benefit of anyone sensible enough to join and listen to them.

Do you already have experience of  Chris and Susan?

If so, please share your experience below.

If not, click here and get your free place on their next training session…


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